Students use and abuse their school uniforms. Quality school uniforms must be able to withstand the daily grind and last long enough for our customers to get real long term value.

Students wear our school uniforms everyday during the school year, so we don’t compromise on comfort. Our school uniforms also fit a variety of body types.

School Uniforms for Boys

For boys school uniforms we offer pants, polo shirts, rugby shirts, dress shirts, knit sweaters, fleece sweaters, vests and ties.

School Uniforms for Girls

For girls school uniforms we offer dress shirts, polo shirts, skirts, pants, knit sweaters, fleece sweaters, vests and ties.

Our school uniforms are very easy to care for and will actually save our customers time throughout the year. With low pilling, non-iron features, parents and students can rest assured that the ease of care of our school uniforms is a top priority.

We ensure consistency through rigorous yarn and dye techniques to ensure each and every uniform item has a fresh and lasting look.